This is news about one of World Compassion ministries' contacts in China, John Stone.They have been praying for his release from prison and asked that we continue to do so. Here is an update on his condition as well as the challenges facing his family and the house church they lead .They desperately need our prayer.

John's wife says her husband's health is good considering the circumstances. He has been brought back to his original holding cell and is continuing to lead fellow prisoners to the Lord. His wife knows this because when these new converts get released from the prison, they send her postcards telling her of their new faith in Christ and reporting on John's condition.

She says she's trying to be strong for the sake of their daughters but is having a very difficult time because of the constant pressure she is under. She is trying to take care of their family while caring for the needs of the house church. This includes covering much of the church's finances for ministry to the poor and for literature materials and such out of their family's personal funds. Soon, she says, she will no longer be able to do that.

Pray with us for John's release and a renewed strength for his wife and family as well. There is some speculation that John could be released after the first of the year, but there is no guarantee. The PSB (China's secret police) have been known to hold people for up to three years under "administrative detention".without any charges.

We need to stand with this servant of God and his family during this difficult time. He has been a valuable in distributing Christian literature in China and has done much to advance the Kingdom of God in his country.

This note originally came from Terry Law. We are so protected here in the US. Click on the links here to see some updates from their ministries in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pray for Afghanistan.

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