Getting Started

Do you feel that God is calling you to start a simple church?

The following guide will help you learn to hear God’s voice, reach out to unbelievers, make disciples and start Holy Spirit-led churches that multiply. You can go through this material with a group of friends, perhaps sharing a weekly potluck meal. The links within each week will guide you to more information and resources.

Week 1
During week 1, watch Tidal Wave and learn what God is doing around the world. Learn and use a simple, reproducible method to study God’s word in a way that engages and involves all members. Pray through Luke 10:2b with a partner, asking the Lord for guidance. Click here for more on Week 1.

Week 2
In the second week, study Acts 2:41-47 to get an idea of what the church looks like. Learn how each of you can recognize God’s voice as you seek to make disciples. Through prayer and hearing God’s voice, learn what prophecy looks like and how to use it to edify one another. As you grow closer this week share your stories, learning to tell of your spiritual journey in a way that a nonbeliever would understand. Click here for more on Week 2.

Week 3
The third week will focus on how those gathered for house church relate to one another as members of the body of Christ. Discuss and explore how your meetings will be Holy Spirit guided, as laid out in 1 Corinthians 14:26. Watch When You Come Together for ideas about what happens when you gather. Click here for more on Week 3.

Week 4
This week covers the Great Commission and how followers can reach the nations, as time is spent asking the Lord to to reveal cultural groups and areas of the city to reach out to. As “nations” are revealed, make plans to prayer walk these areas during the week. Spend time discussing how to help someone to become a follower of Jesus by discussing and role playing ways to lead someone to become a disciple. Click here for more on Week 4.

Week 5
During week 5, learn about and discuss discipleship as a lifestyle. Consider using the Life Transformation Group model started by Neil Cole. Study Luke 10:3-9 to learn Biblical principles of discipleship. Click here for more on Week 5.

Week 6
In the sixth week, consider the differences of leadership in simple church from leadership in traditional church. Read and discuss Matthew 20:20-28. Answer questions about John 13:3-17 and Ephesians 4:11-13 to develop an idea of what the Bible teaches on leadership. Conclude by discussing paradigm shifts you experienced during the six week course. Spend time praying and commissioning one another to go out and reach your community. Click here for more on Week 6.

Want more?
Download the entire guide as a pdf file here. Find answers to frequently asked questions here. Share your stories about about God’s work in your life with us at

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