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Edgardo's Discussions


Edgardo contends for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jude 3) . . .

Latest Activity

Edgardo left a comment for Tom Vogel
"Hi Tom, I'll visit your blog.  Meantime, here's the link to the article I was referring to above:  http://abcpreachers.ning.com/forum/topics/warning-to-christians-tears"
Jun 15, 2012
Edgardo replied to Edgardo's discussion The Central Message of the New Testament, Or, How Satan Has Deceived Christians
"Thank you, Doug, for your reply.   I'd like to make some clarifications.  The word "gospel" simply means good news.  The Grace of God - His unmeritted pardon -  is really good news for an unsaved man.  And…"
Nov 18, 2011
Doug Moore replied to Edgardo's discussion The Central Message of the New Testament, Or, How Satan Has Deceived Christians
"Ryan you are so right in that the kingdom has come.John thought he was already in the kingdom. Paul thought the same.in Isaiah the kingdom is call "in my mountain" to be established in the latter days or last days. (acts 2)in Daniel the…"
Nov 18, 2011
Edgardo replied to Edgardo's discussion The Central Message of the New Testament, Or, How Satan Has Deceived Christians
"Hi Ryan, Thank you very much for replying.  Yes, I'm happy to know that at least someone has read my article.  I like your letter-reply, brother Ryan, it's like a spear that penetrates to the heart.  But I'm sorry I…"
Nov 7, 2011
Ryan Spear replied to Edgardo's discussion The Central Message of the New Testament, Or, How Satan Has Deceived Christians
"Hello Edgardo, I read through the whole composition. It's length makes it hard to respond to. As a person with about as much leadership ability as a rock, the idea of having a chunk of God's kingdom to rule or reign over is the farthest…"
Nov 7, 2011
Edgardo posted a discussion

The Central Message of the New Testament, Or, How Satan Has Deceived Christians

Dear Brethren at simplechurch,Greetings from the Philippines.I am attaching an article here about salvation.  I hope that you will take time to open it and read; very important.  I put in a lot of scriptures so you will not have to look them up in your Bibles, for smooth and continuous reading.  Have a fruitful reading experience . . .Thanks, your brother in Christ in Manila,      EdgardoSee More
Oct 22, 2011
Edgardo is now friends with Solomon Gopaul and Macario D. Cadatal
Jul 24, 2011
Eric Pangilinan left a comment for Edgardo
May 7, 2011

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At 10:45pm on May 7, 2011, Eric Pangilinan said…
At 11:27am on March 22, 2010, Ken Smith said…
Aloha Edgardo,
Go with me to Ezekiel 28:18 and do a study on that fire. While true that Adam let lucifer loose it is also true the our Lord Jesus provides the children of Adam to bind lucifer for eternity. We are the ones who came from the midst of lucifer and through our Lord Jesus Christ we are given the heavenly victory in Rev.12:11 to start cleaning up the mess. You are right, it is the Victory of our Lord Jesus Christ but as we are in Him He has invited us to share in His Victory, Rev.19:14. It is obvious that an Army is created to help with the Victory. Not that our Lord needs us, but He sees the victory as also part of our healing. What a day that will be. But follow up on that Ezekiel fire through the N.T. to Heb.1:7. Remember that our Lord came to start a fire and noted that it was already kindled. He also came to baptize us in fire. And only through fire are we rewarded. We are the fire of Ezekiel's prophesy as Christ was never in the midst of lucifer, but we were. I would rather burn out that rot out any day..
Much love in Jesus, Brother Ken <>/body>
At 11:40pm on March 18, 2010, Ken Smith said…
Aloha Edgardo,
It is been a while for your last posting, how are you doing??? Checked out the web address: www.rapturealert.com that you shared with me. Seems generally together except for merging some of our time in Prophesy with the Great Tribulation (Wrath of God for the rejection of Jesus.) We can see the birth pains starting for the End of This Age but generally the antichrist comes to power in a time of peace. Never thought for a million years that I would live to see the U.S. headed towards Socialism. Socialism only works for setting up a dictatorship. It would never work at all for a free republic. But we are not to the four horses yet and there is much to do to help get the Bride ready to go home without spot, wrinkle or blemish. Only with the leaving of the Holy Spirit with our Lord's obedient Church can the antichrist move onto the White Horse of Peace, Rev.6:4, 1 Thess.5:3, 2 Thess.6-8, Matt.24:37-41, Acts 1:9-11, 1 Cor.15:51-57.
And remember the Church has some work to do in Heaven during the Great Tribulation:
1.) Boot lucifer out, Rev.12:7-11 and the Great Wedding, Rev.19:7-9 and then we return with the King of Kings for the great battle of Armageddon, Rev.19:11-21. And to help set up the Kingdom promised to Abraham, Rev.20:1-15... Much love in Jesus, Brother Ken <>/body>
At 2:14pm on October 12, 2009, Tom Vogel said…
Hi Edgar,
I got a chance to skim over your article a couple of days ago. I agree with the pre-millenial position you take. I would need some more time to more thoroughly think through and study your idea of not all believers being part of the Bride of Christ. As this website is devoted to the ideas behind house church/simple church, I’ll comment on that angle. Viola, Barna, Cole, Simson and others have been writing on inaccuracies that have, over the centuries, crept into the practice of the church. To that effect, the doctrines concerning the last days have a strange effect on how I live my life as a believer in Jesus, and that effect is, relatively little. If I happened to hold a different view of how scripture says the last days will play out, I cannot see how that would change how I live my life today. Among opposing views, Pat Robertson’s idea that believers should live expecting to have the Holy Spirit lead one through problems, not supernaturally remove one from problems is a useful insight, but one which can be applied to one’s life without agreeing with postmillennialism. Also, from what I see of how God had prophecies of the Messiah in the centuries before Jesus’ coming, and how Jesus fulfilled them in a way that leaves many Jews maintaining that it wasn’t, I have the feeling in my Spirit that when this earth is done for, the final judgment has happened, and we can look back on the New Covenant (assuming that we care), that these prophecies will have been fulfilled in ways we could not have guessed. Therefore, I have no doubt God will accomplish His word, and have every doubt that it will play out much like the various scenarios described in various Christian books and movies about the end times.
For myself, I am concerned about a) being a witness in word and deed to the watching world, b) encouraging my fellow believers to desire to grow spiritually, of which HC/SC is important with regard to teaching against all kinds of things purported to be Christian, but are not scriptural, and therefore, holding back believers from growing in the things of Christ, and c) desiring to reflect a Godly point of view on all issues, as I live in a real world (to hear some TV speakers, you would think they live in a different one). For instance, here in the U.S., due to our history of slavery, churches which are highly African-American have a great sensitivity towards being involved on certain social issues connected with racial disparity, income, crime, health, morality. Only in the past few years have I had an appreciation for that part of our Christian heritage, as institutional churches in the U.S. which are mainly white have less appreciation for those issues. Most of the society here has some awareness of that. Conversely, a couple of years ago, I had contact with some fellow believers I knew in college who are still working on the Nestle boycott—that was a big issue here in the U.S. in, if I recall correctly, the early 1980’s. It could look like their efforts are a waste, as the media made it a big deal for a few weeks long ago, and by their silence declared it solved. For myself, I know little of it, but I understand that we do not know whether some of the prophetic actions in the book of Isaiah were generally ignored by those around him or not, but God had the acts preserved in the Word. I am certain there are local situations in your area which are not specifically doctrinal, but social, in which believers in Jesus together need to take a stand on (my neighbor is from your country, but I would know that anyway, as this is a fallen world). There are all kinds of wrongdoing in the world to stand against, while simultaneously speaking and living the life God desires.
As such, as I see it, the doctrine of the last days needs to be taught, and it is for the comfort of believers, that God has a plan for all of eternity, so it has application to our witness of Jesus being Savior for mankind, but it is unlike most doctrines in that it has little application on how I live my life today, except in teaching and desiring to be a proper example to both believers and the world.
At 8:38am on September 3, 2009, Bill Bremer said…
Shalom Edgardo, May “our God will make you worthy of His calling and by His power accomplish every good thing you decide to do and every work of faith (and every act prompted by your faith NIV) so as to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus among you, and you in Him, according to the love /charis of our God and Lord Jesus Christ" (2 Thessalonians 1:11-12).
At 7:16pm on August 21, 2009, Gary G. Peterson said…
Will be reading this and checking it out. Great to know that there are those out there that love the Lord and desire to do His work. It is not about religion, it is not about denominations, it is not about titles, or positions, it is about the Body of Christ knowing who they are and going out into the highways and the byways and telling those that do not know Jesus Christ about Him through their testomonies and giftings and callings on their lives. Not on just the elete few. if you get a chance go to my web-site at www.thegathering12.us and tell me what you think? God bless
At 9:15am on April 27, 2009, Terrance Kashian said…
HI Edgardo,

I just finished a book by a brother on the rapture and it was the most exciting book I have ever read on the rapture. The author is John Noe and the name of the book is "Shattering the Left Behind Delusion" and it is excellent. http://www.prophecyrefi.org/stlbd_kit_release.htm is where the review is on it. I personally believe that the modern teaching of the rapture is a true menace to the church. Just this Saturday the Lord spoke to my heart concerning His people. There is a mischievous voice in the church that is saying, "pack your bags we are just about ready to be picked up" and the Lord spoke this to me, "tell my people to unpack their bags and get to work in glorifying My name and bearing fruit in all the world". I hope you will understand my burden regarding this matter. It's about serving God and His purpose in our generation and preparing something of Eternal value for the next generation. David prepared for the next generation and had a vision for his own, but Solomon enjoyed what David prepared, but did nothing to prepare for his next generation and therefore the breakdown happened in Israel. This escape mentality does not allow us to prepare for the next generation because we are being taught that this is the terminal generation. I hope you see what has been happening in the church for the last 150 years. God bless you Edgardo in your search for the truth concerning these matters.
At 10:38am on April 25, 2009, Terrance Kashian said…
Hello Edgardo,

I just got your message on the book offer. May I ask you if this book is a pro - premillenial viewpoint book or a covenant theology or reformed viewpoint book?
Visit our website for free articles on these matters. www.bibleprophecyfulfilled.org


At 6:45pm on March 23, 2009, Worship said…
How do we know we are truely saved?
It is when we receive the Holy Ghost
What is the Holy Ghost?
The Holy Ghost is the Comforter that God sends within His people to lead, guide and teach them all things pertaining unto God
How do we receive the Holy Ghost?
By doing the Ordinance that God has foreordained for us
We have already been baptized do we have to do it again?
Well the baptism without repentance is baptism with water called unrepented,IHS but the baptism with repentance is the required baptism because it is the baptism of the Holy Ghost called repented,IHS.
Do I receive confirmation once it is done cause I have been baptized before and nothing happened?
Yes there is confirmation but you must follow the instructions first repent meaning to name your sins in prayer to God in the Name of His Son then be baptized which is the washing away of sin. Do not forget to refrain from sin and follow in righteousness, do the Commandments and Statues of God then you shall know the truth. Stand firm!
At 3:32am on March 18, 2009, Chris said…
Me sorry to say I have forgot so much, I look back on comments Ive made and cannot recall any of it and even wonder if it was me, must be well Im not saying, but I will look into this again as our paths have crossed again and this is not by chance, will take another look and refer back to you brove. chris

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