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Around The World in 45 Days -almost!

Yesterday we saw the Queen's home at Windsor. Today, much more importantly, we saw most of Felicity's immediate family. So yes, the first stop has been England. But there are 8 more legs to this trip before we get home on November 1st, and we would be really glad of your prayers for safety and blessing.

Stop one: France for 5 days of meetings in Nice and Paris. The folk here have translated some of Felicity's books into French, and have been using them as the core of a church… Continue

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Multi-tasking, relationships, and simplicity!

I'm getting some help with what is at times an overwhelming amount of email from a wonderful "virtual assistant" in Israel. (See Secretary In Israel for more info!!) As we were sorting out the technology that allows me to have voice mails from both my office and my cell automatically transcribed (I presume by computer, rather than a "real" person, but I don't know for sure) and sent as files to my email, I found myself wondering about technology and efficiency. Twelve years ago when I started… Continue

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San Francisco-A City On A Hill-Why hide it?

So is this what Jesus was refering to when he talked about "a city set on a hill cannot be hid." Who would even want to hide such a facinating and wonderful place. Felicity and I arrived here earlier today for a business conference that I am attending. It has been non-stop for us for the past 10 days because of conferences and book deadlines. So today, having left our home in Austin at 5:45 am, we just took things easy. And what a great city to take things easy in.

We went from the… Continue

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Ecclesiastes 12:12 There is no end of opinions ready to be expressed!

The writer of Ecclesiastes goes on to say, "Studying them (opinions) can go on forever and become very exhausting!" (Ecc 12;12 NLT) I think he must has been thinking about the blogasphere! This is an amazing world. Anybody and everybody both can and does have an opinion, and in the marketplace of ideas, some are going to have impact, and most are going to disappear into oblivion. And that's OK.

i have no idea if anyone reads this blog, though I suspect the technology is there to tell… Continue

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Just how much "networking" can I cope with?

Last weekend I was at the National House Church conference in Dallas. It was such a blessing listening to and learning from the likes of Paul Young (author of The Shack), Wolfgang Simson, Frank Viola, Dennis Balcombe (veteran missionary to the Chinese house church movements) and many others. I met gazillion new friends. And now I can hardly even remember anyone's name! Does that mean that I didn't really pay attention in the first place, or is my internal "remember" function on… Continue

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