4. The next two chapters describe the importance of being able to hear God's voice, the discipline of prayer, and the image of the church as a family. Simply reproducible describes the actual format of a simple church meeting as taken from Acts 2:42. A discussion, not a sermon or teaching, on a text,food, fellowship and prayer are the key elements described as well as the importance of following the Spirit's leading. This can often be discovered by asking participants what God is saying to them lately.

5. Evangelism and discipleship are next with a very helpful section on what to teach new Christians and how to gather new disciples p. 93. This was very encouraging material that I began to see as reproducible indeed. My wheels began turning at this point and I hope yours do as well.

6. One of the key passages in Simple church culture is Luke 10. The authors explain the passage and then share some stories of real churches that have begun in light of the principles of trusting God found in Luke 10. It is inspiring and then followed again with another explanation of how to have a simple church meeting in your home.

7. The idea of NT leadership will give you some food for thought especially if you are used to the IC model. The chart on pages 149-151 is a great discussion starter. The authors then discuss ethnic diversity and their take on finances in the Simple Church environment. The end result is that we (pastors) should all be self supporting - anybody out there hiring:).....?

8. Divine Truth, Nurturing relationships, Apostolic Mission summarizes the point (DNA)of what simple church is to be about. p. 184. Easy to remember and to transfer. The book continues with some things to avoid, Q/A section andsome resources to check into. It is a great book. I found it encouraging and easy to understand. It will be a key tool in sharing the overall message of the Simple Church. The material will be very helpful in assisting me in deciding if this model can actually work in our next generation of church planting.

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